Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm On The Grid

So, I've created a blog. I am positive that the posts will be sporadic to say the least. I think it's a good idea to have some place to put various media with a big stamp of 'DONE' and move on. What is especially appealing is the duality between my output being lost and ignored in the sea of the web, and the knowledge that, regardless, everyone in the world has access. It provides an environment where I will be encouraged to write/think/create more because there is a potential audience, but the small and anonymous audience allows me to post (or not post) whatever comes up relatively shamelessly. Regardless of the hope of an audience (otherwise I wouldn't have started a blog), this blog is mostly for me. I trust that I will create and think interesting things in the future, and this is the outlet for those things I want the world to know.
I saw this installation once where a computer was set up to comb through blogs on the internet with various chosen filters. The filters included things like mood, location, weather and age, and the results were represented by little floating bubbles in a black space.
I'm happy to be a bubble in that black space. I'm proud to exist in this time, where I can participate in a blossoming worldwide community, in which knowledge and creativity are becoming universal staples, rather than commodities. As communication technologies become increasingly accessible, people feel less alienated by its interface, and more connected to its benefits. Both the users and the manufacturers of these technologies are increasingly viewing them as natural, almost organic extensions to the world around them that are connective in a positive way. Physical identities and virtual identities are getting closer and closer. This is not to say that we are thinking of our place in this world in a more stilted, disconnected way, but rather that we are beginning to make use of our new, complicated appendages in a direct, organic, and positively influential way.