Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Song to download - Windows and Knots

Windows and Knots

My Ableton is done for; I had to download the trial version to finish this song. So, I must let down my loyal fans across the seas by saying that it will probably be awhile before I post another song. Another thing I might be doing is learning CSound, which is a sound oriented programming language. That may be one of those things that just sits on the shelf for awhile, though. Who knows.


Em said...

Thiz song is incredible. I listened to it several times in a row, noticing new things each time. Every sound fits in a surprising way.
I only wish I could understand more of the lyrics, although I know you, so I have that deeper emotional draw to understand the context, but had I heard this song without knowing you, I could imagine enjoying the mystery of ambiguity.
You are great.

Karl Hiner said...
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Karl Hiner said...

Thanks for the praise, Emmmmily!

Watching the city lights
Out of the bus
Millions of explosions on the window

How many ghosts are in each
Blade of grass
How much love is in each home

How can there be
So many things
Moving so fast and so close?

Is it all just one single string
Wrapped up in knots
That keeps me
So close to you

I wish I had the strength of my father
So I could just build and build and just
Mold my world

I wish I had the strength of my mother
So I could just give and just
Give it all away
To you