Monday, January 26, 2009

Fractal Universe Zoom

*Edit: This uploaded video appears in my preview for this post, but sometimes it doesn't when I view my blog. If you don't see it, you can download it here. About 4 and 1/2 minutes - It's very worth it.*

This video came from The Ultimate Fractal Video Project.

Infinity is a concept that can only be understood conceptually, but it is within us and without us in every moment, forever. The best way to experience it would be to not have a brain, but since anyone on this site most likely has one of those, then the next best way to feel infinity is to watch videos that zoom into fractals. And this is the most profound video I've found so far.

I cut and paste from the site:
'The "Universe" viddies are so named because at a zoom depth of E+26, the original Mandelbrot is expanded to approximately the size of the known observable universe, 10-20 billion lightyears. And E+61 is the ratio of the entire visible universe to the smallest sub-atomic quantum effects. So where does E+89 take you? To the Mother of All Mandelbrot ZooM animations !

This one took 7 months to render on 3 systems, all running 24/7. This is the Deepest Mandelbrot ZooM Animation ever made, and ever likely to be made (without frame interpolation, shortcuts, tricks or cheating). It goes all the way to a final zoom depth of E+89, and uses maximum iterations (2,100,000,000) all the way for maximum detail.'

The one that I posted is a much better video in my opinion. It took 9 months on 4 systems running 24/7, and it goes to E+87

But the larger the screen, the better the experience, and the rendering of this video is very good, so I recommend downloading it.

Also, here's The Simpsons version of the same concept:
Simpsons Universe Opening

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