Saturday, January 24, 2009


To be sure, there is no such thing as past or future. The universe of interacting elements and dimensions is only concerned with the present, and that is all there is. Past and future are concepts produced by the organization of our brain matter. Memory is a blunt tool used to allow both individual organisms and their interactions with one another to change in the way they behave within their environment, not only between successive generations, as with bacteria or viruses, but within the lifespan of an individual organism. This is not to say that there is no such thing as time, but rather that the coding of images into abstract, representational codes stored in the neurons of the rain is merely another experiment in 'the game' of matter. The 'past' is merely how we perceive abstract pieces of information being coded and decoded within itself. But again, the only thing that is is that very movement of matter and energy in the visceral moment. The now. The unachievable Euclidean point. Unimaginable because, although every fragment of matter in our bodies experiences an infinite amount of them within every moment, we will never catch up to it. As it is, it already is not. When we think of what a moment is, we are experiencing universes collapse and renew within every atom in our brains an infinite amount of times. All of the moments that ever were and ever will be have already passed, died, been born, evolved, multiplied, collapsed, exploded. Experiencing the true moment, the now, the infinitesimal Euclidean Point, sliced out of the endless fabric of time, is to be a perfectly triangulated, no-dimensional point within an infinitely expansive anti-blackhole, because to exist in this ephemeral snapshot is to exist in absolute stillness; no movement; nothing.

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